Business Evaluation Investment Appraisal


1. Evaluation objectives

2. Overview

3. Business resources

  3.1. Material resources

  3.2. Financial resources

  3.3. Informational resources

  3.4. Human resources

  3.5. Integrity / Ethical resources

4. The market

5. Clients

6. Suppliers

7. Profitability

  7.1. Operating profits (profitability, trend and volatility per profit centers and products)

  7.2. Financial costs (foreign exchange exposure, interests paid, interests received, bank fees, financial vulnerabilities)

  7.3. Taxation (tax position, tax vulnerabilities)

8. Financial ratios

  8.1. Profitability ratios, Gross Profit Margin, Net Profit Margin / ROS, ROI / ROE / ROCE, Real Cash Margin, Payroll Margin

  8.2. Liquidity ratios, Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, Capital Structure or Gearing Ratios, Leverage

  8.3. Stock Turnover, Debtors Turnover, Creditors Turnover, Fixed Assets Turnover, Total Assets Turnover

9. Business evaluation

10. Conclusions and recommendations