Multidisciplinary Optimization

The multidisciplinary optimization methods are used in complex systems engineering in the aerospace industry, and they may be employed in investments and business systems design, for instance to design the serving capacity, shopping malls, fabrication lines, transport systems, considering the technical, operational, commercial, tax, marketing, HRM, legal norms, searching the profit maximization within a given time scope.
Optimization may be applied for opening hours, locating facilities, fabrication system, traffic flows of persons or vehicles and many more..

The method advances the criteria formalism known as the TCR complex objective function, and this is used to evaluate different possible solutions in a simulated business environment. The optimum search is done with genetic algorithms (GA).
The multidisciplinary optimization applied to business design or business reengineering could improve the turnover and could even secure the competitive advantage. The greater the volume of thinking invested in our business, the stronger our competitive advantage and the harder for our competitors to deal with it.

The next example illustrates the multidisciplinary optimization concept in finding an optimal trajectory from A to B. "Optimal" trajectory from which point of view? There is a geometric optimal trajectory (the straight line), another minimum cost trajectory, yet another risk-optimal trajectory, and in fact the practically useful optimal trajectory, which minimizes the total costs and risks in a wholistic perspective, which is what the multidisciplinary optimization is about.